The Shajads

The Lords of Darkness are Gaira’s proselytes, those who have been considered gods of darkness for millenniums. Six of them are male, and only one, Meseguis, has a female essence.
As a general rule, they go by the same names they have used since the War of Heaven, but this does not prevent them from adopting the identity of a divinity from time to time. Like the Beryls, they began to feel the need to become integrated with the world after millenniums, so they too personify several principles. However, they incarnate somber ideas that reflect man’s most ghastly emotions.

They are organized hierarchically according to power and influence. Zemial, Jedah, and Meseguis are the main Shajads; positions among the remaining four are quite chaotic and vary moment to moment, according to their actions. Paradoxically, there is little camaraderie among them; the same rivalry they feel toward the Beryls prevails inside their own group. Internal fights for power and influence are constant, although never openly stated. The cause of this union is everyone’s respect and obedience to Gaira, who subjects them to rules they are obligated to follow. Shajads intervention in the world through agents and followers is also scarce, although it is much more active than that of the Beryls.

During the War of God The church of the one God captured one of the Shajads, Zemial, and chained him up, which has resulted in the steady shift in the balance of power between the Shajads and the Beryl.

There are Seven Shajads

Zemial – The End of Days
Jedah – Puppet Master
Noah- The Dark Warrior
Erebus – The Shadow of Dreams
Abbadon- The Primal Evil
Eriol- Angel of Chaos
Meseguis – The Lament of Darkness

The Shajads

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